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          1. RISUN
            Risun History
            Since in 1993
            Become the general agent of KANEKA CORPORATION and CROMPTON SPECIALTIES LIMITED in South China.
            It has entered the field of engineering plastic additives and successfully obtained the agency right of Rohm and Haas engineering plastics in the United States. The company has developed rapidly and specially hired a strategic consulting company to plan the enterprise development strategy.
            Funded the construction of "Ruishan Hongjing" building.
            Cooperate with Sun Yat sen University to develop a new generation of PVC environmental protection heat stabilizer HKS series products.
            Become a PVC stabilizer product partner of Yunnan Tin Industry
            Construct Ruishan Hanke Technology (Sanshui) factory and expand the production of HKS project. At the same time, the enterprise management was upgraded, the group operation was introduced, and Ruishan group was established.
            Ruishan Hanke Technology (Sanshui) factory was officially put into operation.
            Set up an application promotion laboratory. We are committed to developing solutions for the plasticity of new materials to provide customers with the competitive advantage they seek.
            Ruishan Hanke Technology (Sanshui) factory was awarded as a high-tech enterprise.
            It has passed the pilot enterprise of informatization and industrialization integration management system, and promoted the interactive innovation and continuous optimization of data, technology, business process and organizational structure.
            Introduce new materials and nano diamond additives.
            It won the support and reward of the sub district office for promoting high-quality economic development. Encourage senior executives to innovate boldly and compete actively to lead the development and improvement of enterprises and become bigger and stronger.
            Copyrights ? RISUN 12 / F, Ruishan building, No. 3, Jihua fifth road, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province Tel:+86-0757-82362008